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2014 Chiang Mai 6s Bowl Winner

Quote of the Week

"Alcohol increases inflammation"

Says Nigel when asked why he held no beer in hand after pulling a hamstring in the game.....
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Next training: TBA

# Location: Yokohama

Match Reports

Updated September 29, 2014

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Pres & Coach Rant

Updated September 1st, 2014

Esteemed Wombats! Various factors have prompted me to pump out a spiel of some sort in this section of the (soon to be replaced) website. First of all, the state of our team and its achievements on the playing field....
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Curly's Corner ...... Social

Can't bat, can't bowl, can't field? Join the Club mate!! Dunno fine leg from Fine Cotton? Well, kampai cobba, c'mon in! There's more to being a Tokyo Wombat than disgracing yourself on the cricket field.......
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Golden Thong ...... Z-file

The Golden Thong? How does a humble piece of footwear become a cricket club's trophy awarded for 'Stupidus Uber Alles'? Fire extinguishers, parachutes, pepper spray and donuts. To learn about some of our more memorable off-field action.
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Wyndham Estate
Man of the Match

Jimmi James smashed 77 runs (8 fours and 2 sixes), took 2 key wickets and held on to an important catch to seize the initiative for the Tokyo Wombats in long-awaited victory against bogey team Sano. Jimmi gets a fine bottle of Wyndham Estate wine for his efforts!
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Players & Members Profiles

Random Image

Check out the players and members that make the Wombats 'The Wombats'. Some true blue characters buried in amoungst the group and it's a good laugh to be had. Some of the character traits are...... you better have a look for yourself.
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Wommies Out of the Burrow

Almost four years had passed since I left Tokyo to spend time with my father in the final stages of his life. Tough as it was, I will always be glad I made the move....
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The Tokyo Wombats suffered a loss in their first Japan Cup fixture at Sano #3 on May 17 against a resilient Beans CC outfit. Ably led by Shunichi Mamenari, Beans restricted the Wombats to 140 in the final over of the innings, despite a decent knock of 65 from vice-captain Alex Patmore. The wommies were keen on running through the opposition batting order after a few quick wickets, but Nakamura (53) and Arai (22) steadied the ship to easily chase down the target in the 18th over.
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NEARLY (09/05/2015)

Patmore nearly got a ton. He didn't. Ev nearly got a ton. He didn't. We nearly made the Hub happy hour. We didn't. Nigel and Tom nearly had good figures. They didn't. The rain nearly ruined the day. It didn't. Jimmi James nearly didn't play. He did. Yusry nearly got called up. He didn't. Jimmi James nearly took a catch. You get the picture by now...
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It was a bright sunny saturday after a few weeks of terrible weather and the Wombats headed by Patmore arrived on time for their first game of the season against arch rivals Chiba Sharks. We had three newbies donning the wombats cap for the first time and the usual suspects.

The Wombats got 2015 underway with a friendly against the British Embassy in a resurrection of the Tokyo Ashes contest, as well as paying stranded Tom Hanks Dino a visit down in Fuji in the process.
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TOKYO WOMBATS are a successful club, having won numerous successive premierships, and played finals' cricket in almost every season. However winning, and even playing, is only part of what we do - or why we do it. It's more about having a laugh, making some mates, getting out of Tokyo. Even if your cricket skills are average at best, join us for a drink.

"There's more to playing cricket than just playing cricket."

There are irregular practise sessions in season, but these are light-hearted affairs. A chance to catch up with mates, have a trundle. The same goes for playing.

We are sponsored by Wyndham Estate wines of Australia. Their generosity underlines our fund-raising, which helps keep our fees lower than other clubs. Wyndham Estate provides wines for quiz nights, raffles, and on-field awards.

Tokyo Wombats also make annual tours to Chiang Mai (Thailand).

If you want to have a run in 2015, please contact the Club! If you're a non-player and prefer talking and watching over a drink, then drop us a line.

NOTE: We are an AMATEUR club. We DO NOT pay players, hire coaches or sponsor visas from overseas.

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